Sundown Audio - XV3 12”

Variant: D2

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The Sundown Audio X v.3 has a bigger motor and graduates to the Zv5 coil.
So also more linear Xmax. Which Means More output and less distortion and more power handling vs.
the Sundown Audio X v.2 -- the X v.3 is like 85% of a Z v5 .
with these upgrades; Sundown Audio has added 500 more watts to the power handling making it one of the most potent subwoofers in the world, that also sounds good.

✓ Specifications
X12 v3

✓ Subwoofer

✓ Power (RMS)
2000 Watt

✓ Voice coil
3" (76,2mm)

✓ Xmax 

T/S SPECS X V.3 12″ D1 X V.3 12″ D2
RE (Ohms) 1.4 3.2
FS (Hz) 37.098 37.235
VAS (L) 12.986 17.077
Qes 0.486 0.543
Qms 2.597 2.779
Qts 0.409 0.454
Le (mH)    
BL (NA) 15.943 19.857
Mms (Grams) 378.626 285.817
Cms (uM/N) 48.611 63.922
Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 83.2dB 84.0dB


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