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The SMD Crossover Calibrator CC-1 - DLR is a precision piece of equipment designed to accurately and quickly set the crossover frequency of an electronic crossover in car audio amplifiers. With most modern car audio amplifiers having a built-in crossover, this tool becomes essential for enabling installers to achieve the desired frequency with ease.

One of the key features of the CC-1 is its ability to enter "Competition Mode," allowing users to match gains on any 4-channel amplifier or multiple bass amplifiers effortlessly. This feature proves extremely beneficial when using subwoofers that share a common chamber, especially with multiple amplifiers on a dual voice coil driver.

In order to provide a seamless user experience, the CC-1 comes with various accessories, including a protective silicon rubber boot, a calibrated test tone CD, a harness, and a comprehensive manual. The inclusion of these items ensures that users are equipped with everything they need to get the most out of their crossover calibrator.

The design of the CC-1 showcases precision and durability. The choice of a 9V battery as a power source serves two important purposes: easy availability and isolation from the vehicle's electrical system, guaranteeing accurate measurement of the audio signal without interference from charging system noise. Additionally, the RCA input connector enables users to measure the output of a headunit directly, if desired, while also allowing for easy replacement or repair of the harness in the field.

The specifications of the CC-1 demonstrate its high-quality construction and performance. With digital microprocessor-controlled circuitry, the crossover calibrator ensures accuracy within +/- 0.25dB of the -3dB crossover point. The low battery LED trigger alerts users when the battery voltage falls below 6.5Vdc, preventing any unexpected battery failures. Furthermore, the auto-shut off timer activates 8 to 10 minutes after the ON button is pressed, conserving power and maximizing the lifespan of the battery.

Overall, the SMD Crossover Calibrator CC-1 - DLR is an essential tool for installers and audiophiles looking to achieve precise and accurate sound quality in their car audio systems. Its user-friendly design, comprehensive accessories, and reliable performance make it the perfect addition to any car audio setup.


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