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Fannie is the first 12V cooling fan specifically designed to cool car audio amplifiers. The low profile form factor and wide airflow cross-section allows for a flat channel of air to flow across amplifier heat sinks.

Looking for a sleek 12V amplifier cooling fan and don't want a loud bilge pump sticking out like a sore thumb? Now you've got Fannie—the first 12V car audio amplifier cooling fan designed to look like it actually belongs in your install. Fannie offers simple positive and negative input power and can handle up to 18VDC.

User Manual Fannie v1

Weight 2.04 lbs
Product Manufacturer Sparked Innovations, LLC
Product Brand Sparked Innovations
Dimensions 1.81" H, 11.44" L, 5.13" W
Current Draw @ 14.4VDC 2.25A
Current Draw @ 12.6VDC 1.92A

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