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The 4ever Silent difference

The company was founded by two industry veterans with over 25 years of personal experience working with industry icons, top car builders and audio fanatics. Our mission was to design and engineer the world's leading thermo-acoustic deadening and insulation products. The 4ever Silent range far exceeds industry performance standards to deliver excellence in customer satisfaction. Our triple-layer noise absorption design also kills vibration and minimises heat transfer. Our unique one-stop, fit and forget solution is the ultimate automotive upgrade for noise and heat control.

4ever Silent specifications


Layers - 3 mm closed cell thermo-acoustic foam
  - aluminium foil constraining layer
  - 1.5 mm Hi-Tech butyl rubber
Adhesive - 4ever Bond adhesive
Sheet thickness - 4.5mm
Sheet dimensions - 46 x 80 cm
Sheets per pack - 9
Weight per pack - 13.5 kg
Coverage per pack - 3.3 sq. m


Does it reduce noise? 

We call it 4ever Silent for a reason

Traditional single layer deadening products only control noise in one area through a process called damping. Our unique multi-layer product doesn't stop there - it also isolates and insulates. This combination gives the best defense against unwanted noise and minimises sound migration.

Does it stop heat?


Interfacial thermo-resistance occurs when select materials with incompatible thermal transfer rates

are combined. Our combination of butyl rubber, metal foil and closed-cell foam nearly doubles the total thermal resistance - keeping you cool and comfortable within the vehicle.

How is it installed?

Simple peel and stick

4Ever Silent bonds onto the internal bodywork of the vehicle. Our unique all in one solution eliminates the need for adding different layers of product, resulting in up to 50% faster installation and fewer material costs.

Does it stick?

Yah for sure!

Our high tac, pressure-sensitive adhesive doesn't need heat to apply and bonds over a wide temperature range: the perfect fit-and-forget solution.

How durable is it?

It out lasts the lifetime of the vehicle

Does not absorb water or oil. Anti mould and mildew. Crush and tear-resistant. Will not sag or run.

Completely odorless.


You and your vehicle deserve the 4ever Silent all in one treatment

You know how to make it faster, and you know how to make it shinier. Now you know how to make it feel like a "dead cool" luxury car every time you drive it.


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