Usina - 200A Smart Power Supply


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The USINA power supply was created with the main objective of powering the car's sound system without letting its batteries discharge, even with the sound playing for several hours. 
It can also be used as a source and direct power supply (without the use of batteries), powering CD players, power modules.
Works with: Yinlong LTO, LiFePO4 and AGM

Input Voltage: MonoVolt
AC 220Vac: 170 @ 250Vac
Consumption 220Vac: 21A (maximum)
Output Voltage: 12.5V @ 14.4Vdc (+-1%)
Output Current: 200A @ 12.5Vdc (+-5%) *
Output Power: 2500 Watts (maximum)**
Efficiency: 85%
Input Power: 2980 Watts (maximum)**
Input Cable: 3x2.5mm² - 2P+T
Input Protection: 32A Circuit Breaker
Output Cable: 50mm²
Extension Recommended: 4mm² (max 30 meters)
Weight: 3,670 Kg
Approximate Dimensions ( LxWxH ): 418mmX186mmX75mm***
*Current and power measured in resistive load
**Power output may vary according to network voltage and conditions of use
***The measurements referring to the dimensions of the sources have a variation of approximately 2mm

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