Taramps - Smart3

OHM: 1~2Ω


Smart 3

Smart 3, the pioneer of a line developed by Taramps with breakthrough technology in performance for car audio systems. Its biggest feature is its multi-impedance function that allows it to operate between 1 to 2 ohms, besides that, the Power Control System technology ensures greater performance and safety. It is a mono, 3000 Watts RMS amplifier, which has protection against short circuit at the output, high/low voltage and thermal protection.


The logo displays how much power is being delivered during its operation, providing greater reliability for your system. It is an exclusive TARAMPS product and has the best cost-benefit ratio in the car audio industry.

Functions, inputs and outputs

IN Input of signal to be amplified. OUT Audio signal output. GAIN Adjusts the input sensitivity of the amplifier, allowing a perfect adjustment to the output signal levels. CROSSOVER with High Pass Filter (HPF) and Low Pass Filter (LPF.) BASS BOOST with Freq. and Boost. SPEAKER Output (positive and negative) for connecting transducers (speakers).

Power Supply Connector

SMART COOLER has two internal ventilation coolers, which cannot be obstructed. POWER Use a minimum 4 AWG cable from the positive and negative battery pole for negative power supply terminal and positive power supply terminal.

Technical features

Operation Class Class D
Number of Channels 01
Maximum Power @ 12.6 VDC - 1 Ohm: 3000 Watts RMS
@ 12.6 VDC - 2 Ohms: 3000 Watts RMS
@ 12.6 VDC - 4 Ohms: 2000 Watts RMS
Input Sensitivity 0.22V ~ 4V
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 10KHz (-3dB)
Crossover High Pass (HPF) 10Hz ~ 90Hz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Crossover Low Pass (LPF) 90Hz ~ 10KHz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Protection System Output short circuit, low / high voltage protection and thermal protection
Maximum Music Consumption 150A
Maximum Consumption in Sinusoidal Signal 300A
Dimensions(H X W X D) 8.98" x 2.76" x 9.37"
Weight 5.72lb

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