Powerus - PW5000.1



Powerus PW5000 - leverbaar in 2 modellen, 1Ω of 2Ω
POWERUS amplifiers have an advanced protection circuit to help protect against installation errors.
It has a high build quality in its construction, with robust components, providing a greater declared power delivery with 0.1% THD with recorded RMS wattage tested at 40Hz,
POWERUS amplifiers also including exclusive functions such as LIMITER.

To install the power supply, use cables with a 50mm2 gauge. OR BIGGER with reducers. (DUAL OR TRIPPLE INPUTS ARE ALSO NEEDED) SEE SEPARATE LISTING

The positive cable must come directly from the battery, with a fuse or protective circuit breaker/fuse located 30 cm from the battery. The negative cable must have the same gauge as the positive cable and screwed into the vehicle's chassis, taking care to avoid paint and rust that may prevent the passage of electrical current, causing loss of power and noise in the sound.

this amplifier requires an upgraded power supply, extra battery/batteries and up-rated alternator (all vehicles requirements will vary)

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