AJK Sound - RGB Strobe KIT "Digital BT"



AJK Strobe Kit Digital BT with 4 RGB strobes and 9 LEDS in each strobe 3W

AJK Strobe Kit Digital BT
1x BT Digital Central
4x RGB strobes

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (low power consumption)
Voltmeter with integrated graphic
Range up to 60 meters in open area
Central Fume, on/off button
02 independent outputs for digital Leds (different effects on each output or the same on both, you configure)
Supports up to 1000 addressable RGB strobes
Possibility to create thousands of combinations of effects and colors quickly, easily and intuitively
16 million colors
Automatic effects switching mode
Customizable security password
Compatible with IOS and Android
Compatible with 2811 led strip
Approved by Anatel
3W headlight in polycarbonate with 9 LEDs, it has a recess (cavity) for the placement of silicone to seal the headlights

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